Building a leading CBD brand
around the best quality products
a strong technology backbone


Our vision is to establish the world’s most reliable 
Japanese CBD standard and a global brand.



JCBD Technologies exists to promote the highest quality CBD products made and certified in Japan and to offer them to the world in the safest possible way.

We want JCBD Technologies to be recognized as the leader in CBD products and ingredients with multiple uses across a number of sectors, industries and geographies. 


We achieve this by starting with health products designed with Japanese standards and meeting the growing demands of Asian consumers.


Trust is not limited to quality alone, it is also about communication and transparency. 


We aspire to develop a technological backbone to help our partners, suppliers, distributors and customers access relevant, live, incontrovertible data about our products. 

Certification thru Technology 
We are determined to offer the highest quality standards and set the global benchmark. We offer customers complete transparency and the ability to trace our products by leveraging block-chain technology to guarantee and certify the entire supply chain.


We have assembled all the elements required to make JCBD Technologies a success. We have built the team, created the products, and established our network of distributors and customers. Moreover, we gather scientists and experts unlike any CBD group before.

We are a new company, but we leverage a extensive experience.

A brand customers can trust
All our products are developed around the same values: customer service and care, highest standards of quality, sustainability, integrity and positive social impact.
From cosmeceutical to food, our brand reflects our philosophy, our vision and our passion for excellence.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is recognized for its tremendous therapeutic capabilities.


JCBD Technologies sets the benchmark for tested, verified and certified CBD products through its innovative blockchain technology. 

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