In Asia, the CBD industry is in its infancy. 

But “infancy” already means a 100,000,000+ total addressable market. 

With a 4.5 billion population and the versatility of CBD integrated into countless products, we address one of the largest unexploited markets ever. 


Prohibition Partners estimate that the Asian medicinal cannabis market could be worth US$5.8 billion by 2024. 

China and Japan would be the biggest value markets accounting for an estimated 75% share in 2024. 

However, according to their analysis, this estimate could quadruple by 2027.

Our aim is to lead the Japanese market with >50% market share within 3 years. 

We want to establish a strong position in selected Asian markets. 

Our conservative estimates show revenues of >$350M by 2024. 

And this is only 6% of the total projected Asian market. 


We offer investors the opportunity to join us in our journey.

Because we are big believers in technology, in the democratization of CBD and of investment opportunities, we will be running a STO*.

Before we offer equity to the public (subject to limitations on geographies, investment amount and investor profiles), we are offering the opportunity to join our pre-STO. 

If you believe you are qualified and believe in our vision, contact us. 






*Or Security Token Offering, meaning the issuance of company’s stock in the form of tokenized equity. This form of investments offer the same advantages and protection, under Swiss law as a traditional equity offering with the advantage of more transparency, potential liquidity, market attractiveness and immutability.