Trust is not limited to quality alone, it is also about communication and transparency. 


JCBD Technologies' technological backbone helps our partners, suppliers, distributors and customers access relevant, live, incontrovertible data about our products. 

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From the farm to the consumer, we record and certify each step in the process, with all information accessible to everyone, anytime, in an immutable manner.

JCBD Blockchain


Our immutable decentralised database allows each participant of the CBD supply chain to record information through our cloud front-end.

With this we can ensure traceability of our products, offer guarantees of authenticity and provide customers with information otherwise difficult to obtain.  


Each step of the process is recorded in an unalterable manner into the public JCBD blockchain. 

From the hemp producers to the retailers, data input guarantees full transparency and traceability of our products and our partners' CBD products.

Participants of the supply chain and customers can get instant data about the products and the ingredients. 

Product info

Today, customers want more than marketing-oriented information. 

They want to know if a product

claim is valid and if it really works. 

They care about sustainability, about environmental-friendly processes and supply chain. 

They care about safety.

Especially with CBD.

The JCBD consumer app offers the opportunity to learn more about a product than what is usually printing on a label, a box, or a brand website. 


When it comes to counterfeit products, CBD is no exception. 

From counterfeits to artificial CBD, or worse, the market is full of products that not only cheat customers but also represent a real threat to public health. 

Our technology guarantees ingredient and product authenticity and allow the end customer to check 'on the spot' whether a product is real or not. 


Unique customer experience

Our JCBD app makes the user experience unique and simple, using any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. 

At home or in a shop, simply point and take a picture to instantly receive product information. 

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Our team, our partners and the participants of the whole CBD value chain can access information online and, if, when and where required, populate the decentralised database with data relevant to customers and other participants. 

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