We believe consumers deserve to know that the products they are buying are safe and made from the highest quality ingredients and standards. 

And like customers, we also believe trust is built on facts, data and actions and not on marketing messages. 

As a result, we offer a comprehensive 
suite of products and solutions to access the entire 
CBD value chain.



Our core CBD products are tested and certified.


Our unique blockchain technology assures complete transparency from the farm to you.


JCBD Technologies certifies and supplies high-quality CBD products for dermocosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

From CBD ingredient, and wellness/cosmetic and food and beverage products to branding, certification and traceability services, JCBD offers a comprehensive suite of products and solutions to access the entire CBD value chain.  

CBD ingredient

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  • Exclusive CBD supply from world’s #1 supplier

  • THC free, according to Japanese standards

  • Full traceability, testing and certification through the independent Cannabidiol Association 

  • B2B model with brands and medical companies

Wellness and cosmetic products 

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  • Range of high-quality, premium products

  • Distributed products certified by the only certification body in Japan

  • Brand white labeling options 

  • Dedicated portfolio of brands for specific markets and price positioning 


Food, supplements and beverages

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  • R&D, partnerships to expand portfolio of products

  • Application to food, beverages, pet food

  • Become the leading CBD innovative products provider in Asia

A comprehensive suite of products and solutions to access the entire CBD value chain.

Certification and traceability

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  • CBD product certification (no THC)

  • Brands using our label and products with certification 

  • Closely work with governments and agencies to deliver transparency

  • Blockchain-based supply chain management 

Branding and digital

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  • Develop a portfolio of wellness and lifestyle brands leveraging our access and network

  • Digital solutions and marketing services for CBD actors and partners

  • Brand ambassador management programs

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We currently offer a selection of carefully crafted and selected CBD products. 

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